1. Click "Surveys & Polls" from the left navigation bar.

2. Then click on "Add New Survey or Poll".

3. A New menu will pop up, click on the page link down down menu item, select the page of the domain for which you want to add the              Survey or Poll and then click on "Add New" as shown in the below screenshots.

4. You will be redirected to a new page, Here you need to check the box "Survey active" to activate the survey, enter the number of seconds

    after which the survey will show  on the page, a message which will be shown post the completion of the survey/poll, select type of 

    question which may be either a poll or survey and click on "Add question".

5. In this case we have selected a "multiple choice" question and entered "Have any problem logging in?", by clicking "Add option", you

    can add options/answers for the multiple choice in this case we added "Yes" and "No", then click Save survey to save it.

6. Then you will be redirected back to the page listing your surveys/polls with a message "You have  added a new Survey/Poll!".