1. Click "Conversion Funnels" on the left navigation bar.

2. Then click on "Add New Conversion Funnel" as shown in the image below

3. A Form will pop up, select the relevent ID of the site which u added to convertifire dashboard from the drop down menu.

4. Then click on "Add New" button.

5. You will be directed to a new page , here Enter a Name for your funnel, then add pages to the funnel by clicking "Add Page To Funnel".

    You can add any number of pages to your funnel, click "Add Page To Funnel" to Add more pages.

    then enter the page name/directory in the appropriate field for example in the below image , we have added a funnel for our website

    www.example.com which has id number 6 in our convertifire account. our funnel has 3 pages with the following urls





    hence we added the names in the respective fields


    shortner.link/  home

   shortner.link/  product1

   shortner.link/  checkout

    Then click on "Save Funnel" to save your funnel.

6. After clicking "Save Funnel" you will be directed to the Funnels page where you can see your newly added funnel.