1. Select "Sites" from the left navigation bar.

2. Click on "Overview".

3. Click on the "Gear symbol" button as shown in the below screenshot.

4. click the check box of "Disable Recordings" to disable the recording for the particular domain and click "Save site Status"


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6. When you return to the dashboard you can see the site status as "Deactivated".

7.  Click on the gear icon of the domain and here enter the Ip address in the field highlighted in red, then click on "Exclude IP".

    Excluding your IP or any user's IP who visits the site or uses the site regularly and whose data is not relevant to you

    will help to increase the precision of the statistics.

8. Once you click "Exclude IP" you will get the confirmation  message  as shown in  the below screenshot


9. You can also exclude "desktop" , "Tab", and "mobile" users data by clicking the relevant  check boxes and then click on "Exclude                 Devices"

10. After clicking "Exclude Devices", you will get this confirmation message.